Why Manifesting Doesn’t Work for Me.

Impatience With Manifesting, and why manifesting doesn’t always work for me.

In this energy clearing session, we’re looking at patience, going with the flow and trust in the universal timing. We’re also going to look at energy blocks and limitations to creating what you want.

Why Manifesting Doesn’t Work for Me.

Today’s card is isn’t really a crystal at all. It’s a stone. it’s petrified wood, and I’m going to read to you what it says. “It says the universe has its own ideas about when and how to bring your intention into form. We can be impatient for getting the time, allows the universal consciousness, us to get all the wheels turning so that what we wish to co-create can begin to manifest.

Impatience With Manifesting

I’m guilty of this. You know, I do get impatient with what I’m trying to manifest. And then when I get impatient, I start thinking to myself, why doesn’t manifesting work for me? And honestly, it’s not because I can’t, it’s because I’m trying to manifest on my own terms. I don’t have blocks to manifesting, I have impatience.

When I remember that it makes it easy here to go with the flow, and allow the manifesting, whatever it is you’re trying to manifest to actually do so in the right time and right timing.

Delayed Manifesting

So if you get impatient with manifesting what it is you want, this will be a good clearing. This is because it’s not necessarily that you’re not manifesting what you want. It’s that you might be trying to manifest it on your own timeline, in the way you want, instead of the divine right timing. Any sort of impatience around the manifesting is probably going to delay it more than it’s going to help it. There may or may not be any real blocks to manifesting.

So, if you ask yourself, why can’t I manifest what I want? Think over the past and things that you wanted. Have you received them? Think of past manifestations that you wanted to achieve and look and ask yourself this question.

Do You Usually Get What You Are Manifesting?

Did you ultimately achieve them even though you may have been frustrated or impatient? So what we’re going to clear here today is the impatience around manifesting what we want, know that we can allow these manifested, oh my God, I made up a word, these manifestations to actually flow into your existence into your reality. Okay. So let’s go ahead and do the clearing. If you have a man, if you have something that you’re trying to achieve a manifestation right now that you really want, or that you really would like to create in your life, think of it as we did clearing.

Clearing – Why Manifesting Doesn’t Work For Me

All right. So that’s all done. As I was doing the clearing, I was thinking to myself, you know, we create these ideas around what we’re going to get, what we’re going to manifest, what we want in our life. And It’s awesome to have goals. And when we can allow them, it creates just an easy going flow, right?

When there’s no stress, no judgment as to when and how they should, how they should present themselves in our lives, they just tend to flow. let’s say you’ve, you’re all focused on one thing. And if all your focus is on that, once you get it, it’s normal to have your focus, switch to the next one. You’re going to come up with something else, because that’s just how we’re wired, right?

Blocks to Manifesting

That’s how we do things. But when you can release the stress release the, the impatience and the frustration around what it is, you’re manifesting, you can allow this manifestation to be more of a wave. As you release the blocks, you allow an ease and flow moving through without so much judgment. Judgement would be the word that comes to mind.

Why Manifesting Doesn’t Work…

You know, like it should happen now or it should be, it should have been easier. That’s one that I use. Like, why are things so hard? You know, they’re hard because we make them hard by, by judging them.

And I hope this clearing is really beneficial for you. If this is one of your things, go back and listen to this a few times. If you’re, if you are in this cycle right now of why am I not manifesting faster?

Here’s another clearing for manifesting Peace, to help let go of the stress around delayed manifesting.

I’m starting to do short 20 minute clearings for people. And even though it’s only 20 minutes, trust me, you can clear a ton in 20 minutes. And I send over a worksheet before the actual clearing, so I know exactly what to clear when we start the clearing and we basically hit the ground running.

We do 20 minutes of clearing. So if there’s something you are wanting to shift from your life, these 20 minute sessions are a perfect opportunity to clear it. All right? The, the links down below, and I’d love to help you. Thank you for watching for listening and I’ll see you in the next one.

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