Everything is Energy. This means physical objects, people, and non physical objects. This means your thoughts, emotions, beliefs, everything.  So what you think about yourself or life in general, lack and limitation, and any memories or negative feelings are energetic in nature. This is great news because you can trace these negative states back to their energetic core and then clear them.

Blockages are Stalled or Stuck Negative Energy and Patterns

When someone has an energy blockage, there is negative energy preventing them from being their true self. This can be negative emotions, stress or anxiety or their perceptions of themselves and the world. Negative beliefs are another form of an energy blockage that keep you from living an empowered life. Many of the blockages are created or picked up from childhood and from the people who influenced you during this time. Parents, family members, teachers, friends and even strangers. It’s not uncommon to have picked up beliefs from TV shows and movies!

When you are clear of old patterns and limitations from the past, you will be free to live in the present. This inner peace allows your true inner voice to present itself and assist you on your true path.

Robin Yates

Hi, I’m Robin Yates, and I absolutely love energy clearing work. I’m here to help you clear old limitations, emotions and energy patterns, and show you how you can do this for yourself (and others). When the energy blockages are clear, you will be free to live, without fears or limitations! When I talk about energy blockages I mean just about anything from what you think you can’t do, what you feel you can’t get over, or what you think of yourself at a deep level. It’s all energy.  Learn more

What a few clients had to say:

“I feel so fortunate to have met Robin.  She spends the time to really listen to my concerns and is always spot on in her assessment of the underlying cause.  Once she has a deeper understanding she begins the hypnotherapy.  Each treatment builds upon itself and I always leave feeling more clear and peaceful.  I would absolutely recommend Robin for her kind nature and effective approach.”

Beth T. – Redondo Beach, CA

“Robin has helped me transition in several areas of life, from active visualizations to navigating through difficult emotions. She has given me freedom and space to truly discover my authentic self in the journey of life.”

Jim N. – Houson, Tx

“Robin’s compassion and kindness establishes an atmosphere of safety and security. With her assistance, this allowed me to explore areas of my past which I otherwise might have been unable to reach or too have been fearful to do so”

Bob S. – Redondo Beach, CA