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Energy Blocks

Everything is Energy. This means physical objects, people, and non-physical objects.

Your thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and habits are energetic!

Blockages are Stalled or Stuck Negative Energy and Patterns .

When some one has an energy blockage, there is negative energy preventing them from being their true self. When I talk about negative energy, this can be negative emotions, stress or anxiety or their perceptions of themselves and the world.

Negative beliefs are anotherform of an energy blockage that keep you from living an empowered life.

The Subconscious Mind and Energy ...

What you think about yourself or life in general is held as energy in your subconscious mind and energy field. The old beliefs of lack and limitation, negative memories and negative feelings are also energetic in nature.

This is great news! With Energy Clearing you can trace these negative states back to their energetic core and then release them.

Inner conflict

One sign is telling yourself say “a part of me want this, but a part wants that”. This is a sign of inner conflict.

This becomes obvious when you are torn been two or more ideas or options, and can’t make a decision. It can be difficult to know what you want, because of all the energy and beliefs from other people. Again, you can hold opinions and beliefs from family, friends and teachers and even strangers. They live in a part of our subconscious energy field, which you can clear.

Feeling Stuck in the Past…

When you clear of old patterns and limitations from the past, you are free to live in the present. This inner peace allows your true inner voice to present itself and assist you on your true path. It also helps you create or reinforce energetic boundaries for yourself.

Everyone Says Just Let it go… (but how?)

It can be difficult to just let something go. If it isn’t released in some way, it can just retreat to the subconscious mind (or energy field) and wait. Then, at some unsuspecting time, it may show up again. This is because it’s really just hiding. It wasn’t released. True energy clearing is one way to really let it go, without having to try to do it.

You can do energy work as you do other types of healing. Energy clearing works seamlessly with other modalities. Smudging with sage or Palo Santo, Crystals, is common. Traditional therapy, Theta Healing, Reiki and Acupuncture are just a few examples. You can add energy clearing to create a more powerful and lasting experience.

Energy Clearing and Spiritual Work

Energy clearing is a form of healing work and can affect the entire body, mind and spirit. Stagnant energy can stay in a persons field for years or even lifetimes.

This form of energy work, focuses on clearing stagnant energy from the energy body of a person’s energy field.

As they release the negative and stuck energy, they are released for the negativity associated with the energy or belief system. This can help them ascend on their path. It's a way of clearing the path.

Space Clearing

When a room, house or any space takes on negative energy, it’s important to clear it. The house may be immaculate, and usually have a high frequency. Sometimes, people bring negative energy with them and leave it there. Other times, arguments, anger or negative thoughtforms are to blame.

What’s important is to clear the home as soon as you know, or feel, something is off.


Sometimes a technique, like smudging the room burning Sage or with Palo Santo, just isn’t enough. Old stagnant and unwanted energy or negative thoughts can be stubborn.

There are many different reasons why an energy or a space won’t clear. You may need to do a complete space clearing to release the negative energy completely.

Energy Fields and Chakras

This energy healing work is performed by first checking the energy field and energy centers in a persons energy body. Any stagnant energy in the energy field or chakra is then removed with energy cleansing. Often the presence of energy is discovered from negative thoughts and negative emotions.

Meditation Practice and Energy Clearing

You remove unwanted energy by using energy clearing or any spiritual cleansing techniques. You can also work with an energy healer. These methods wils you release the negative emotions in the energy body. They will allow positive energy and emotions to replace the negative energy.

Hi, I'm Robin Yates,

I help clients clear old limitations, emotions and energy patterns. I also teach how you can do this for yourself and for your clients, if you are a practitioner.

When the energy blockages gone, you will be free to live, without fears or limitations!

Energy clearing is the process of releasing just about anything. What you think you can't do, or what you feel you can't get over.

It's all energy. Let me show you how to clear the blocks prevent you from creating what you want for your life.

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When you are clear the past, you will be free to live in the present. This inner peace allows your true inner voice to present itself and assist you on your true path...Robin



"My life has changed dramatically since connecting with Robin. It's honestly hard for me to remember my prior struggles.

My parenting and other relationships have all evolved incredibly. I feel more able to deal with day to day situations.

I've been enjoying my access to Robin's membership site. Having clearings at my fingertips that I can play when needed has been a total game changer."



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“I feel so fortunate to have met Robin. She spends the time to really listen to my concerns and is always spot on in her assessment of the underlying cause. Once she has a deeper understanding she begins the hypnotherapy. Each treatment builds upon itself and I always leave feeling more clear and peaceful. I would absolutely recommend Robin for her kind nature and effective approach.”

BETH T, California


Thank you so much for everything yesterday. I'm beyond excited to work with you more. I need to tell you...the intense leg pain that I'd had for over two years, which was completely excruciating & kept me up at night, is completely GONE. Last night was the first night of a restful sleep too. I'm in complete awe & beyond grateful!!! It gives me hope that I'll be able to HEAL my body. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

ALISON S, California

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