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Why Marketing

Lets face it, marketing has a bad rap. When most people think marketing, they think spammy emails, being bombarded with ads, or just being pestered or pushed in a directions they really don't want to go.

This Is NOT what marketing is about for us. We think marketing is actually serving the people you want to help. If it weren't for marketing, people would never be able to find you! We help you create your online marketing in a way that helps you attract clients that you would enjoy working with. They get to know about you, and if it's a good fit, will work with you. Simple really.

What is High Frequency Marketing?

High Frequency Marketing means you're staying in a place that attracts your clients. It aligns with your philosophy. It's the reason you are in business in the first place.

Staying in Integrity - with why you do what you do and sticking to your purpose.

Good Intentions - Wanting the best outcome for your clients and everyone who see's your content.

Helpful - The marketing you put out is helpful, even if someone never buys or schedules with you.

In Alignment - You're reaching the people you want to help, not just anyone and everyone.

In a nutshell, it's finding and connecting with the people you want to help (and are able to help). It's getting your message out to the people that need you. It's keeping your advertising and sales in line with your personality and goals,

High Frequency Marketing is never reverting to spam or super salesy tactics. (Salesy spam is what we call Low-Frequency Marketing!.)

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