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When I think of mindset, I don't necessarily think of business. But mindset is crucial in business. It doesn't mean to put on a happy face and be upbeat. It doesn't mean to fake it until you make it. It doesn't mean to pretend your business is doing well if it's not.

Mindset is all about looking at the blocks in your way and removing them.

This can be old beliefs or fears you have about yourself. Patterns or habits you have that keep your business from thriving.

If you've had past failures or your family had business failures, these can become mindset blocks that will affect your business.

Mindset and Subconscious Blocks in Business

How do you know if you have blocks in business? You look at the results you are getting. Are you attracting more clients or customers? Do these clients come back? Do you find yourself doing the same things over and over again, while you say you are going to do things differently?

If your business isn't working or you aren't attracting clients, this could be a mindset issue.

Are you taking the necessary steps to attract new business or are you procrastinating? Again, this can be mindset!

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