What is Hypnosis Q & A

Hypnosis Q & A

What is Hypnosis?
Hypnosis is a form of deep physical relaxation, where we can communicate with our thoughts and ideas that are stored in a deeper part of our mind. Memories, attitudes and beliefs are all stored in the subconscious part of our mind and hypnosis creates a bridge to access what beliefs we would like to change.  The hypnosis state is similar to day-dreaming and although you are very awake mentally, you may look drowsy or asleep to someone observing.  In this state It is possible to make changes to our beliefs, habits and self concept quickly and effortlessly.

How can I achieve my goal  using hypnosis
Our behavior comes from the subconscious part of our minds.  We are simply doing acting feeling and behaving as we have been shown, taught or been programmed thru our lives. When you make a change in the subconscious mind, it feels completely natural and happens instantaneously. The change will just “feel right” and the previous behavior tends to simply drop away.

What if I can’t be hypnotized?
This too is a misconception.  If you are ready to make changes and experiencing hypnosis on your own behalf, not because someone else insisted that you do it, this shouldn’t be a problem.  We are all hypnotizable.

How will I know it worked?
Visibly, noticeable changes in how you feel, act, think and behave. Usually this happens very quickly, often after the first session

How many sessions?
This is always left up to you. Sometimes in as little as 1 or 2 sessions, you achieve the results you were hoping for. Then for other  people, they enjoy more sessions. A few of the structured programs are in 3,8, or 12 week increments, depending upon the work. 1 session is always an option, again, always this is up to you, the client.

Why use hypnosis
Because all of our habits and behaviors are stored in  the subconscious part of our minds, making changes to these patterns is most effective when we work directly with the subconscious. When we try to change habits consciously, it’s not often effective. Willpower and determination work sometimes but not always long term.  Going straight to the subconscious to make the changes is the fastest and most powerful way to create permanent change.

What is a breakthrough session
One area of your life where you may feel stuck or that you could do so much more is taken and shifted to a whole new level. We take the past beliefs and decisions limiting behaviors and create a whole new dynamic. We examine values and identity and consciously and subconsciously create a new empowered version for your life in this area.  The major areas of change are relationships, career, health, spirituality, prosperity.

Can hypnosis work with addictions
It can be extremely effective with addictions and unwanted behaviors.  However, I use what is called relapse prevention,  which is where we change the triggers for the addiction and also the basic core beliefs and personal identity of the client.  We release the emotional reasons for the addiction allowing the client to move on in their lives without the fears of falling back into the addiction.

Can hypnosis make me say something I don’t want to say or do something I don’t want to do?
No.  Although in the movies they do this all the time, it is just not how hypnosis works. You are aware and conscious of what you are doing and will not say or do anything that you don’t want to. 

If I am hypnotized, does that mean I am weak minded?
Not at all. Just the opposite is true actually.  It is imperative that the person undergoing hypnosis be of normal to high intelligence.  People with very low IQ or mentally challenged clients may not be able to be hypnotized as it requires focused concentration.


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What is Hypnosis Q & A