What is Energy Clearing

What is Energy Clearing

Energy Clearing removed old negativity.
Energy Clearing removed old negativity.

First, let me explain my version of energy. Everything breaks down to energy at the quantum level. Even the most seemingly solid and dense structure or element is simply energy at it’s root and is in motion. Nothing is truly solid even though it appears solid.  This goes for both living and non living things. It goes for everything. As strange as it may or may not sound, thoughts are also things. So are emotions, beliefs, feelings and even memories.

All things have movement to them, their molecular structure is responsible for this and no two things or people are moving or vibrating at the same speed or frequency.

Your energy will Draw Situations to You.
Your energy will Draw Situations to You.

The rate of our vibration directly affects how we feel. Our reality and life situation is also affected by this frequency as we pull things to us that are of a similar vibration. It’s often referred to as like attracts like.

The law of attraction focuses on this universal law. As we go through our day, weeks, years, and for some people an entire lifetime, the same frequency range of events and people usually surround us. We experience the result of our base frequency. We each have different vibrational set points in different areas of our life.  

For example, Jean had a wonderful marriage, a great life doing what she loved as an artist, was abundant financially and also had many health challenges. Most of her energy was working for her, but she had beliefs, negative energy and blockages around health.

Subconscious Patterns from Childhood.

Energy clearing is the process of finding the blockages in the area or areas of a person’s experience, the blockages and negative beliefs that are keeping a person stuck.  These are usually traced back to the past, often in early childhood.

Once discovered and brought to the surface, we can clear these blockages by energetically rearranging their structure.

All beliefs and memories are held in a specific form. When this form is rearranged or shifted, the old belief, thought or memory will also shift. This will cause these energetic blockages to lose their power.

In the case of Jean, we traced her health issues back to needing attention from her parents. Being sick was the way she learned as a young child to get it.  Once this pattern set in for her, it ran her life. This is exactly what subconscious programs are meant to do. We cleared the energy keeping the health blockages, which freed her from the downward spiral that was seemingly out of control.

Energy clearing can shift the feelings and the meaning you associate to old memories and traumatic events. You don’t need to talk about or relive them. It the fastest and most profound way to shift at a deep (the deepest) level.

Energy clearing of the chakras
Profound Energy Clearing of the Chakras.

I often clear a person at the chakra level, which is at the basic energy centers of the body. When clearing at the level first, you get an entire base belief clearing and re-set. You don’t have to specify what you want cleared. These complete clearings are usually profound. After that, you can clear individual issues, beliefs, traumas, etc.

So, in a nutshell, energy clearing is the technique of clearing negative energy. The negative beliefs, memories, negative thought patterns, traumas and emotions can be picked up from past experiences or from other people

In my experience, everything can be cleared…

Robin Yates is an energy practitioner, who rewrites her clients subconscious mind patterns and clears their negative energetic blockages. She also teaches others to be able to do this for themselves and others.  For a free training about energy clearing, click here.

What is Energy Clearing