Do You Feel Weird or Crazy

When you talk to other people, do you feel weird or crazy or think they’re going to think you’re weird or crazy?

This energy clearing session will help you release that energy and begin to feel more comfortable talking about what it is you want to talk about! Chances are that the people you are talking with, will be ok with whatever you are talking about. If they are not, you can still feel good and not-weird about the things you want to say.

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Use Energy Clearing to stop feeling like people will think you’re weird!

In this energy clearing session. We are looking at the energy signature of feeling weird, feeling crazy with the things that you’re talking about with the way you see the world. Whatever it is. If however you feel the need to say, you know, this is going to sound crazy or believe that what you’re saying sounds crazy. This is the clearing for you. So stay tuned.

Are you afraid people might think you're strange or crazy from what you say?

Hi, it’s Robin here from Vibration Elevation. Now this is one of my favorites. I’m really looking forward to clearing this because I do have the habit of saying, you know, I dunno, this may sound really crazy and you know, a lot of the stuff I do say probably does sound really crazy, but it is exactly what I’m getting, what I need to convey to other people and I really don’t like feeling like I might be crazy and I really don’t think I am. But that being said, this energy clearing is to help you be at ease with the things you talk about, especially in this realm. If you’re in the spiritual, the self-help, the self-development realm, you may end up talking to people that really don’t get what you’re saying. And it becomes easy to start thinking that what you’re saying is weird or it’s not conventional.

And you know, it really is weird to some people, but those probably aren’t your people. So this clearing is to help you get a sense of, it’s okay what I’m saying, what I’m talking about is exactly what I should be talking about or what I’m wanting to talk about. And if somebody thinks it’s crazy, Oh well it’s more of becoming at ease with yourself and letting the chips fall as they may, you know. So go ahead and listen to the clearing chimes and notice what you feel. Notice what images or what thoughts or memories pop into your mind. And let’s clear them.

Energy Clearing Session and Clearing Chimes

Fear of sounding weird
Afraid of sounding weird or seeming crazy when you talk?

Okay, so how was that Did you notice anything Did you notice any feeling in your body Any shifts, any anything at all And if you’re one of those people like I am, where I do tend to preface sentences with certain people. If this is going to sound weird, it’s going to be a, a little bit of a practice to start noticing if that shifts and to pay attention to what you say and how you say it and not apologize and not feel like you have to apologize for being weird in someone else’s eyes. Just start watching how you preface your sentences, how you communicate with other people and you know, awareness of how you, how you communicate is half the battle.

If you start to notice that you are still feeling kind of weird, listen to this again, or you want to start every sentence with, I don’t know if you’re going to understand this or this is going to sound weird. Does this mean, this may not make sense If you do that, listen to this again and just use your intention to cut that out of your vocabulary. The people that need to understand you will, and the ones that won’t, no matter what you say won’t. So anyhow, I really hope you enjoyed this, and if you’d like, there’s a free course on how to do this for yourself over at and if you haven’t subscribed to the channel, please do and hit a, like if you enjoyed this video and I will see you in the next one.


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Do You Feel Weird or Crazy

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