Is Your Subconscious Mind Blocking your Intuition?

Is your subconscious mind blocking your intuition or your inner senses?

The subconscious mind is what is responsible for filtering what information is “delivered” to your conscious mind. If you are not getting the degree of intuitive messages that you’d like, the answer may be that you have things to clear on the subconscious or energetic level. Subconscious mind blocking intuition and the inner gifts are very common. Watch Clear the Blocks to Your Inner Voice and Intuition to help start clearing out the old energetic blocks. Or this one Clearing Session to Unleash Your Unique Gifts.

Your intuitive senses are influenced by subconscious and unconscious memories, beliefs and emotions. This means that if there’s a lot of fear, for example, this fear may block your intuition.

The same made be said for anger or sadness, etc. The Subconscious mind is responsible for what we experience and are aware of. So, if these emotions are present, even if out of conscious awareness, the subconscious mind may be blocking what we can experience as far as intuitive gifts.

If you are experiencing blocks on your intuitive gifts, there are things you can do. For Example, start by paying attention to any and all information you get. This will tell your subconscious mind you want to listen! The more you listen to and follow the intuition you do get, the more will follow!

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Is Your Subconscious Mind Blocking your Intuition?

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