Clear Out Victim Energy

In this Energy Clearing Session Clear Out Negative Victim Energy, We are going to release old stuck energy that is related to or responsible for feeling like a victim. This energy clearing is one of the best clearings to see results.

The old energy of “victim” in a persons energy field, attracts situations to them that intensify the energy and can actually strengthen and perpetuate it! Everyone has experiences in their past that relate in some way to the victim archetype. When you release this, you free up so much of your creative energy and are able to start manifesting at a whole new level.

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Energy Clearing has been my main focus for the past few years. I’ve found that just about anything can be broken down into it’s energy components and cleared. Emotions, feelings, trauma, memories and programs are all energetic in nature. When you use energy clearing to let them go or to release them, you remove them from the energy body and the sub-conscious mind. What this creates is a completely new reality, where the old patterns and habits no longer resonate or reside.

Energy Clearing can be combined with just about any other healing modality to create fast and lasting change and healing.


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