Unconscious Stress and Tension

Unconscious Stress and Tension

In this clearing session, we are letting go of underlying and unconscious tension that’s creating a low grade feeling of stress or anxiety. 

In this energy clearing session, we’re going be clearing low grade anxiety and tension.

Hi, it’s Robin from vibration elevation and today’s clearing around Unconscious stress and low grade tension, is a custom clearing. And so it’s not based on a card it’s just based on, on clients I’ve been seeing. I do custom clearings when I see a theme from clients or, just similar clearings that I’ve been doing.

Low Grade Subconscious Stress and Tension

One is low grade anxiety and tension. Even for people who haven’t had low grade anxiety in the past. Just with all the things happening around us lately, the last year or two or three or more.

I’m going say, it just seems like stress and tension is showing up more and more. This is usually a subconscious or an unconscious pattern. And when we do this energy clearing, we’re going to be clearing it on the subconscious – unconscious energy body.

And what this means is when it’s clear, you may be, feel the same. But. you may just notice over time that you just don’t react in the same way. So if you are normally under a lot of tension or you feel a lot of just stress anxiety, you just may feel normal.

But you can ask yourself, how do I feel? And you may just notice that the tension’s gone.

Unconscious Stress and Tension

So let’s go ahead and do the clearing. You don’t have to help me just relax and feel or notice what happens.

(Clearing) So now what you can do is you can ask yourself, where do I feel tension? (low grade stress and tension) Or do I feel any tension? If so, where is it in my body? And if you find it, do the clearing again with that in mind.

And then, at the end, ask yourself again now, where is it? Then you can do the same thing with a worry, where do I feel this worry? You know, for example, is it in your head? Listen again with “worry” in your head. Think about that consciously as you do the clearing.

All right. So thank you for watching or for listening. I hope this helps.

And I just started offering short 20 minute clearing sessions and I’ll put a link below

If that’s something that interests you. If you have something you want to clear and you’re unable to, or you can’t find the clearing here that you want to work with, sign up for a clearing session and let’s, let’s clear it!. Thanks again. And I’ll see you in the next one.

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