Unconditional Love

In this Unconditional Love Energy Clearing we are going to remove the energy keeping your frequency down, below the level of unconditional love. This high frequency of being, termed unconditional love, is one of the best ways to stay safe and balanced.

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Energy Clearing Audio Transcript

Energy of Unconditional Love
Raise Your Energetic Frequency

In this energy clearing session we are going to be looking at unconditional love and the place of accepting this being ok, this loving everything and every situation for what it is, so stay tuned…

Hi, it’s Robin here from Vibration Elevation, and today’s card is Mary Magdalene and it’s about unconditional love and it says: “Love yourself, others, and every situation no matter what the outward appearances may be” and this is simply becoming accepting, loving of what it, you know? Accepting what you have around you, accepting everything for what it is.

Now this isn’t something that you necessarily try to do, this is all about where you are at as far as frequency, vibration. And when you release all of the blockages and negative energy in your field around this, you will automatically rise to the level of unconditional love. Now I talk alot about the scale of consciousness, which is a scale designed, or intuited by David Hawkins, and it’s a scale from 0 to 1000, and I’m going to make a video about this one really shortly because I talk about this a lot, and I really need to make a video about this. So it’s a scale from 0-1000 and 1000 being at the frequency level of say Jesus, or of The Budda, I’m talking the actual human, the avatar, not the religious figures or beings. 1000 is the highest frequency you can achieve here on earth and 0 being basically at the lowest level you can be here on earth, being at a state of extreme remorse and guilt and just all of the negative. You know the negative frequencies are at the bottom (of the scale) and the higher ones are at the top, and unconditional love is pretty much in the middle.

Energy Clearing Session
Raise Your Frequency to Unconditional Love

It’s at 540 and this energy of unconditional love is a very nice to be. When you begin to accept things as they are, and begin seeing everything through the frequency of unconditional love, your world really does shift. So we’re going to clear anything blocking you from unconditional love. Now this one you may need to do a few times, and there may be other things that compound with this, so I’m not going to say we’re going to do this one clearing and boom you’ll be at unconditional love. You may be, but that’s the spiritual work , it’s to work your way up the scale. And like I said, I’m going to do a video about this, and when I do it, I’m going to put a link in this video down below.

So anyway, just see what happens as we do the clearing now. Listen for the healing, clearing chimes and we’re going to clear anything blocking you from unconditional love.

Clearing with Clearing Chimes

Unconditional Love
Energy Clearing for Unconditional Love

ok, so that’s all done. Now you may want to listen to this a couple of times and I was doing the clearing I was reminded that’s what this work is all about. It’s about raising your frequency on the scale and unconditional love is probably one of the biggest milestones that you can reach. Because this is a place that you can reach, it will just shift your reality and quite honestly it’s the place where you’re really protected. If you’re in unconditional love for others and yourself, you are in a really strong energetic place, energy field, which is really protective.

Ok so I hope you enjoyed this, I hope it really really really works for you. I’m so grateful that you are here with me and allowing me to help you, here with me on this journey. So thanks again, and if you want any more info you can check all this out at www.RobinYates.com or www.VibrationElevation.com and I’ll see you in the next one…


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Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love
540 Energy

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