Trickster Energy in your Energy Field…

The Trickster energy is a common energy that you may have in your field if you find yourself being easily misled or tricked. This clearing session is to help you remove the energy from your energetic field so this doesn’t happen to you.

Trickster Energy Audio Version:

Audio Transcript:
In this energy clearing. We are looking at coyote, we do the card coyote and this is all about the trickster energy, so this is going to be a cool one. Stay tuned.

Hi, it’s Robin here from vibration elevation and this clearing today is going to be working with coyote medicine and this card coyote that calls it the wise fool and says except your Follies and find the teaching in them and that’s good, but I am going to look at it a little different.

The Energy of the Trickster
Coyote Medicine – the Trickster

I look at coyote as the trickster ,and there’s another animal that’s also the trickster and that is Crow or Raven. I’m not sure which one, but there are a few animals that have this trickster energy and the trickster keeps you on your toes and to me it’s almost like you know a three legged table when one leg gets kicked out from underneath you. Sometimes that can be the trickster making you re-balance. I know that sounds really kind of crazy, but the trickster energy can be many, many different things. Maybe this is a theme you’ve had in your life where you’ve been surrounded by trickster energy, whether this is different people or different situations where you are just kind of fooled or made to look like the fool, having the legs kicked out from underneath you.

Do You Get Tricked A Lot?
Coyote Trickster Energy Clearing

All of these can be trickster energy and for coyote, this wise fool has a very beautiful aspect to it. So we’re going to clear the negative energy, the negative connotation of fool and trickster in order to embrace this, not knowing this unexpected, this trickster energy, which really can be pretty playful. So I hope that makes sense. If you have something come to mind, go ahead and keep the image in mind as we do the clearing. If not, just see what happens. So you can do this with your eyes open, your eyes closed, it really doesn’t matter unless you’re driving. Of course then it matters. Keep your eyes open and just notice what you feel.

Energy Clearing and Clearing Chimes

Okay, so that is all done. And as I was, as I was clearing that, I was thinking when you clear the trickster and you clear some of these, these scenarios of being made a fool or looking like a fool, you’re clearing the energy behind it. And as you do that, as you clear the negative energy in situations, you are able to accept and actually be grateful for the lessons that you learn in whatever happens as uncomfortable or as, as humiliating or as anger, you know, annoying anger producing as it is. When you clear that old energy, like say you clear the anger, you clear the, the embarrassment, whatever of whatever happens, you can have access to the gold, which is the teachings, the learnings. And that’s the point of clearing this.

Coyote medicine and The Trickster Energy
Energy Clearing for The Trickster Energy

So I hope you enjoyed this. Thank you for watching it, for listening. And if you know what you cleared, if you actually got a really good download or you had some insight, please post it. If you haven’t subscribed, please do. If you like what, what this energy clearing is, go to or and there’s a free training so you can learn how to do this for yourself. Anyhow, thanks again, and I’ll see you in the next one.


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