The Power of JOY

This Power of Joy energy clearing is all about finding what is blocking you from your joy and letting it go, clearing it!.

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In this energy session, we are going to be clearing whatever is blocking your power to experience joy. So stay tuned.

Hi, it’s Robin here from vibration elevation and today’s card is power of joy from Maitraya and the ascended masters Oracle cards by Doreen virtue. Now this card is just all about joy and the power that comes from joy. That is where we get a lot of our power. The strength is in the positive joy, peace, calm. That’s where the power comes in.

Find what is blocking your Joy and clear it energetically.
Find what is blocking your JOY and clear it

So we’re going to clear anything stopping you from this power, this joyful state of being. Now you’re probably going to have to listen to this. You know more than once and it’s a process. But if there’s a block on you accessing this power, whether it’s a belief and emotion of fear, trauma, whatever it is, if there’s a block, this will help clear it. So go ahead and feel in your body. When you think of joy, notice how that feels in your body and just hold that thought as we do the clearing.

Energy Clearing with Clearing Chimes

Okay, that was a good one. Did you feel it Did you feel shift Again, you might want to listen to this one a couple times. Camp over. Listen and notice each time if you feel it in a different place in your body, if it just feels a little different, because every time you do this, you’re clearing it in a little different way. You’re, because once you clear it, it’s gone. So next time you clear it, you’re clearing something different. You’re clearing the same general idea, but it could have a little bit of a different energy to it.

Clear what blocks you and experience the power of joy
What do you need to let go of to experience true inner JOY

So go ahead and post below and let me know how will this felt for you If you noticed any changes, any, any shifts or anything, or maybe you saw something or felt something, how did this, how did this work for you Be sure to subscribe so you can get all of the new energy clearings here in 2020 we’re getting ready to start a whole nother batch of them daily batch started in March and subscribe so you get on the the notifications and please give this a thumbs up. So thanks so much for watching or listening or joining me here. And I’ll see you in the next one.



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The Power of JOY

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