Marsha L, California

“As a yo-yo dieter for over 30 years, I knew my out of control eating was much more than just a dieting issue. The gaining back of weight after each successful loss has been devastating. The toll it takes on my body and in my psyche had to be faced. I have known Robin for many years and decided it was time to speak with her about her hypnosis technique and practices. Well, I could have never believed that her teaching process could be so successful in only a few months. I have been “released” from my sugar purchases and cravings. I feel better each day with my awareness and confidence. Even after a week of birthday celebrations, I did not finish desserts or feel the need to have any more!
I would highly recommend consulting with Robin for any addiction you may be struggling with. She is professional and a delight to work with. Free from judgement with lots of support, it is a win-win.”