Jaime E, Texas

Robin has a natural talent for drawing out the root cause of what’s holding her client’s back and blocking them from what they want. She was able to help me pinpoint exact experiences from my past that led up to some of the blocks I was having around having fun in my business and charging clients for things that didn’t seem like work to me. I’ve worked with other coaches and healers addressing money blocks, but she was able to pinpoint the exact reasons I had them. Others just tried to clear around the general issue of money.

As a business owner I was starting to feel emotionally stuck charging more and even sometimes at all for my services. I found that I was meeting prospects and giving them tons of valuable advice, so much that after our meeting, they felt like I had already helped them.

Not signing clients up was really starting to take a toll on my confidence. I was starting to feel like I was not a good or effective business coach. Then I realized I was basically giving my prospects a free session just meeting for coffee. When I realized that, I got angry and felt like I was being taken advantage of. I didn’t really know how to solve it except to keep my mouth shut and talk less hoping they would hire me for the answers. Finally, I felt frustrated that I felt guilty charging them when I had so much fun giving them what seemed like obvious advice. I knew I was losing out but didn’t know how to get over feeling guilty for charging.

I feel very peaceful and confident knowing I can now bring up my fees with clients. I have a new sense of empowerment knowing my value as a business coach.