Spiritual Practice Energy Clearing

Raise the Bar in Your Spiritual Practice

Today’s video is to help improve your daily spiritual practice, whether this is Yoga, meditation, energy clearing or anything else.

If you have wanted to do more, or be more consistent in your daily practice, or start a new practice all together, keep that intention in mind as you watch or listen to this clearing.

No matter what the blocks are, you can clear them. Listen as much as necessary, until you feel different around the situation.

This video was based off the card Babaji and Yoga, from The Ascended Masters Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue. Babaji is know for his Yoga and Spiritual Tradition and we are including any and all types of meditation, yoga or any other spiritual work you choose to do. I use energy clearing as a practice and am continually looking for any energy blocks. These can be anything from unforgiveness, guilt or any type of limiting beliefs or programming.

When someone begins to clear away the things keeping them stuck or from living their best life, it can feel liberating to know they have the power to let go of the past. There is nothing you can’t get over and release, although it can often take more that one try or even one angle. You may need to hit it from a couple of different angles until you find the key to letting it go.

Spiritual Practice Energy Clearing

spiritual practice
Energy Clearing for Your Spiritual Practice

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Hope you enjoy it! Thanks for watching 🙂

Robin Yates
Robin Yates

Robin has been helping her clients with hypnosis and energy clearing for 15 years. She does work with individual clients over zoom or the telephone. To learn more or to schedule time with Robin please follow this link: www.RobinYates.com/about/