Shyness, Fear of Being Seen or Fear of Speaking Up?

Are you Shy? Do you avoid putting yourself out in front of others, in the spotlight? This energy clearing session will help you shift that energy and allow you to step out and still feel comfortable.

Audio: Are you Shy?

Do you try to hide out?
Energy clearing to help you release the fear and shyness.

Hi, it’s Robin here from vibration elevation. And today’s energy clearing session is all about the fear of being seen. So if you’re afraid of drawing attention to yourself, to being in front of an audience, to having you know, a successful, let’s say, Facebook page, or having people notice you. This is a fear that you absolutely need to clear. Nothing is going to sabotage your success more than this fear of being seen, of wanting to just hide in the background.

Now this is a weird one because a lot of times this has a past life component to it. Maybe you were called out for something. Maybe you know, in my case you were burned at the stake for something. You know, there’s so many possibilities and many of us probably have more than one and this lifetime we have it show up as a fear of being seen.

It’s Safer to Hide in the Background

Like it’s better. It’s safer to just hide in the background and not draw attention. So this is definitely one of my favorites because this is me all the way and I was really shy my whole life. I did like to stay in the background. So as we do this clearing, think of what it’s like to be in the forefront.

Think of what it’s like to be in front of a group of people or whatever it is that comes to mind. And if this is one of your issues, for lack of a better word, if this is one of them, you’re going to probably want to do this a couple times at each time. Just have a different scenario in mind. You know, you really don’t have to, but that just will make it a a bit more all encompassing. You’ll, you’ll be sure to get different scenarios.

Are you shy?
Do you feel too shy?

And this is an easy one to notice. A shift on because if this is yours and you do the clearing and you start to notice that you don’t mind putting yourself out there, it’s very easy to see, right That it changed. So let’s go ahead and listen to the clearing chimes.

Clearing Chimes in the Background

Now this, these clearing chimes are masking the clearing commands that I’m using and at the beginning of this, this video or this audio, that first set of chimes is preparing you for the clearing. Then this next one coming up is the actual clearing for whatever it is that we’re working on. For example, today is the fear of being seen, right And then at the very end of this video, the last bit of chimes is helping you integrate it so that you don’t have any, not bad reactions, but it’s just going to help you integrate it easily into your life. It’s a little bit more clearing to help things just smoothly transition and feel very, very natural. All right, so let’s do the clearing.

Energy Clearing

All right, so how was that Did you notice anything shift? Like I said, this is going to be an easy one to test out in your life because if you did have a little bit of that energy of wanting to kind of hide back, hide in the shadows, not put yourself out there, it’s going to be obvious.

If all of a sudden you feel more confident, you meal feel okay, drawing a little bit of attention to yourself. You can listen to this a few times, and if this is your, your energy, I would, and let me know how it went for you. All right Go ahead and post something down below and I’ll answer you back. But I’d really love it if you would leave a comment as to how this worked for you. All right And if you haven’t subscribed, please do. Okay. So thank you. And I will see you in the next one.


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Shyness, Fear of Being Seen or Fear of Speaking Up?

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