Boost Your Sense of Humor

This energy clearing session is to help you let go of stress and fear around a situation or daily life in general, and keep your sense of humor. Why is this important when things are stressful? Well, it’s just then when having an intact sense of humor can mean the difference between suffering and not.

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Let go of anything stopping your sense of humor

Audio Transcript:

free energy clearing session to unlock your sense of humor
free energy clearing session to unlock your sense of humor

In this energy clearing session, we are looking at keeping a sense of humor and not taking things so seriously. So stay tuned. Hi, it’s Robin from vibration elevation and today’s card is Roadrunner from the animal spirit guides by Stephen Farmer. And this card says, keep your sense of humor and don’t take things so seriously, which sounds really good and true and everything else, but it can be really hard to do when things get kind of crazy like they are right now with all of this coronavirus and everything that’s going on.

Now that being said, there are people and you could be one of them that don’t take things so seriously. You know, there’s, it’s, it’s a balance when you look at everything through dark colored glasses, like, you know, woe is me, the world is collapsing, it’s the end and all that stuff. Or there’s the other side where it’s like, Oh, it’s all love and light LA, LA, LA, LA, LA.

It’s, it’s the balance. It’s keeping your sense of humor and staying as light as possible as you are aware of what’s going on. And you may be thinking like, well of course that’s what it is, but it’s not always easy to do. And this is in part because of old memories, old traumas, old training and programming from childhood, from TV, from all types of things. We’ve been programmed since we were little. And so all of that, which is in the subconscious mind helps keep things down and makes it easy to see through dark colored glasses. So the clearing today is simply to help let go of some of that old programming, that old energy that if it’s in your field, is going to make you react a little bit less than positive.

enjoy life and keep your sense of humor at all times
enjoy life and keep your sense of humor at all times

Which will actually help you see things more clearly and react appropriately. You know, when we look at everything is life or death, it makes, it makes it hard to act really in a conscious manner. And that’s because we’re reacting out of the subconscious reacting. We’re reacting out of the programming. So anyhow, this clearing is going to help release some of that old programming. So you’re going to hear the clearing chimes. Just feel what happens in your body. And you know, maybe you get images or you remember things in your mind, whatever happens, it’s all good and you can have your eyes open. You can have your eyes closed. It’s probably a little easier if you can, to have your eyes closed. But again, if you’re driving or whatever else, don’t close your eyes. And let’s just see what happens. Okay.

Energy Clearing for Sense of Humor and The Clearing Chimes

Now, I didn’t clear judgment, but that does have something to do with this whole situation as you look on things as H how they should or shouldn’t be, and that judgment makes it harder to stay in this state. So I’m going to put a link down below to the judgment clearing. But as of now, when you’re, when you’re out and you’re looking at things and you’re experiencing, see if you can maintain that lightness, that sense of humor and not take things so seriously.

laugh and unlock your sense of humor
laugh and unlock your sense of humor

You may have to do this one again. I felt this one. So I’m gonna do this one again. And you really can’t do it too many times. It’s if you don’t have the, the blocked energy, you’re not going to clear, there’s nothing to clear. But if you do and you repeat this a few times, you may just hit lower and lower the burned deeper levels. Anyhow, I really hope you enjoyed this. I hope it was really useful for you and makes a difference. So thank you. Thank you. Thank you for watching or listening or whatever, and I will see you in the next one.


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