Self Care and Guilt!

When it comes to self care and generally taking care of yourself, are you last on your list? Do you put everyone’s needs before your own? This clearing session will help you shift the energy of that…

Your self care is good for those who count on you

Do you feel guilty thinking about what you need?
Do You Feel Guilty Practicing Self Care

Self Care Energy Clearing Transcript: In this clearing session, we’re going to be looking at self care and any resistance to really taking care of yourself. You know, maybe taking care of others first, which so many people are programmed to do and taking care of yourself. Blessed. So if this sounds like you, stay tuned. Hi, it’s Robin from vibration elevation. And this card is self care and it’s from the butterfly Oracles by Doreen virtue.

So do you take good care of yourself Are you nice to yourself or do you put everybody else what everybody else wants, what everybody else needs and their well being and happiness before yours This is such a program that we need to take care of everybody else first and then we can get around to doing what we need to do for ourselves. And it is literally just the opposite.

Do You Take Care of Everyone Else First?

You cannot run yourself to the ground and then expect to be able to be present or be there for other people. Now, this doesn’t mean that every day is a spa day and that you don’t have to do anything for anyone and you just look out for yourself.

But what it does mean is that when you start being kind to yourself, looking for things that you need, that you might not be noticing, or when you’re feeling really rundown, giving yourself a break, taking the day off, or taking a couple hours out of your day and doing what you need to do to kind of recharge your batteries.

Now, for some people, recharging your batteries is to go out and be around people you know, laugh, have fun for other people. Recharging the batteries is going home, taking a bath, reading a book, taking yourself away from all those people.

No Right or Wrong way to Clear Energy

Energy Clearing for old programming and self care Guilt
Energy Clearing for Self Care Guilt

So whatever it is, there’s no right, there’s no wrong. It’s simply what it is for you that will help you maintain a sense of stability. If you do this at the right time, if you start to pay attention to when you need to take some time to take care of yourself. You’ll start to find that it doesn’t take long to get back. Then you’ll be there 100% for the other people around you. However, if you’re always trying to be there for everyone else and putting yourself last, you’re kind of setting everyone up for failure and running yourself down in the meantime.

Let go of Guilt

This clearing is about letting go of the guilt, the programming, and just the habit of putting yourself last. Or, feeling that you shouldn’t take time for yourself or that you don’t need time for yourself. It’s not right to take time for yourself. So we’re going to work on all of that in the clearing. So go ahead and just relax. You don’t have to do anything. Just listen for these clearing chimes and notice what you notice.

Energy Clearing clearing chimes

okay, so that one is done. I did feel that one a little bit and I’m sort of guilty of trying to get everything done before I can take some time off and relax. So this, these are the best ones when I don’t really know what I’m going to clear and it just, it comes together as we do this and then I feel it. Those are the, those are for me. Those are the really good ones. So this is something I probably would not have cleared, but I definitely had some energy there. So let me know if you post down below what you felt and you know, if you haven’t subscribed, please subscribe. Thank you for listening or watching and I’ll see you in the next one.

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Self Care and Guilt!

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