See Perfection in the Moment…

Todays clearing is to help you see perfection in the moment. Find perfection with what is around you and in your life.

This is a clearing that you may want to use when things seem to be less that desired! Use your intention, along with this clearing, to shift how you are seeing, feeling, or reacting to a specific situation or experience. Enjoy!!

When you find it hard to see perfection in what is, this is usually because of resistance. Resistance to what is can show up in many different ways. Another video clearing you may watch is Surrender and let go of Resistance. Resistance comes in many forms and can be tricky to spot in yourself. It’s easier to see when it’s happening to someone else!

One trick is to start looking for things to appreciate. Watch this energy clearing session Appreciate Everything to help you see perfection in what is.(

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See Perfection in the Moment…

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