Release Negativity

Release Negativity

Today’s clearing session is intended to help you release negativity so you can access joy and happiness! The more negative energy you are able to release, the easier it will be to access the higher emotions. These are the higher states of being, like joy, enthusiasm,  happiness and peace.

These higher vibrational state are available to you. You just need to get out of your own way and access them.

It’s important to release negativity and all forms of negative energy as soon as you feel a little “off”. It’s a good idea to start a habit of clearing this type of bad energy right away. This means, as soon as you feel it, let it go. And this will go a long way to help you to raise your frequency, or raise your vibration.

Release Negativity as Soon as You Spot it!

The more blocks you have, the more you may feel like you can’t access the higher states. This is really common. Begin by paying more attention to how you feel and more importantly what emotions you experience.

When you need to release negativity, look for a clearing session that’s close to what you want to release. Here’s the list of blog posts, just do a search at the bottom of the page.

It’s pretty common to find fear at the bottom of negative energy. Try these: energy clearing session to release fear and clear the fear around current events.

Here is a clearing to release control issues, which can create a lot of negativity in your life.

Any type of underlying negative emotion, left unchecked, can create undue negativity. I don’t mean to say that we can get rid of all negative emotions or even that we should try. I do think that you owe it to yourselves to release the negative energy that keeps you from living at your fullest potential. I believe that energy clearing can do that.

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