Relationship Beliefs

Do You have negative beliefs affecting your relationships? This clearing will help you let them go.

This energy clearing session about relationship beliefs is to help you release old beliefs of the past affecting your relationships.

In this energy clearing session. We’re looking at relationships and what I call our should like things that we expect. Our relationship should be this way. It ought to be that way and we’re going to look at these and let them go. So stay tuned.

Clearing for Relationships

Hi, it’s Robin from vibration elevation and today’s card is from the True Love Tarot deck and it’s the princess of shells. It’s about relationships, and it’s this one says the romantic and my take on this is everyone in a relationship has their own image, their own belief system of how relationships should be. They should be this way, they should be that way. Bam. They don’t necessarily, and I put myself in that category, we don’t always look at what is, we look at what we think things should be or how they could be.

We Don’t Always Look at What is

So this clearing session was going to help clear up some of that old energy because when we’re actually looking at a relationship in that way, not really what is but in what we think it should be or how it could be. We could be either holding on to a relationship that is no longer serving us or we could be blocking what’s really there because we can’t see past these, these limitations.

Energy Clearing for Negative Relationship Beliefs

So either way, this clearing is going to help you clear up some of the old energy blockages, like, like sheds and autos and musts and all that stuff.

Now a lot of these come from, you know, childhood or if you are a believer in past lives like I am, if, if you’re a believer that we bring information into this life, they can also come from a past life or it can be handed down generationally. So no matter how you got this or whether or not you have it or not, just see what happens in this clearing and let’s get on with it.

Energy Clearing for Relationship Beliefs

Okay, so that’s all done. You know, I forget to tell why the healing chimes are there. So clearing chimes are here and if they are simply, because I do three sets of clearings in every video. The first intro chimes you hear is to prepare you for clearing. It is to prepare you to let go of whatever it is we’re going to clear.

The middle section of the chimes is the one that we just did is the actual clearing. And I set these behind chimes so you know that I’m doing clearing work and you can feel what happens. And then after this, at the very end, there’s another set of chimes, so that you integrate the clearing.

You know, I don’t know if you’ve heard of this. Sometimes when you do a lot of clearing, it can bring up things. It just, you know, it doesn’t, it doesn’t always feel fun.

Integrate the Clearing Sessions

Clearing for Relationships
Energy Clearing for Negative Relationship Beliefs

And so if you do these, these clearings to help integrate it in the best and easiest way possible. It’s just going to make it easier. So anyway, that’s enough of that. But today we cleared this. This must, should, ought to, you know, have to, can’t that whole energy around relationships. So if you like this, please give it a thumbs up or, you know, post something. I don’t know. I put in a comment or subscribe, you know, you know how to do this. Thank you for watching or for listening. I will see you in the next one. It’s more important than ever to get adequate rest and to take care of yourself. If you don’t tend to do this, then this clearing may help you let go of what it stopping you.

You will hear the chimes every time we do clearing. There are 3 sets of chimes. The first set prepares you for the clearing. The second is the actual clearing session. And the last is to help you integrate the clearing easily and without having any stress or side affects.


Relationship Beliefs

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