Raise Your Vibration

People are really talking about how to raise our vibration….

Just over the past few weeks or so, I have been seeing “raise your vibration” all over the place. First, I think this is great! I see it on Youtube, in emails, webinars, podcasts, everywhere! This could be because it’s where my focus is aimed, or it could be because so many more people are talking about it and offering advice on how to do it. It seems like everywhere I go, I’m finding more and more talk about how to raise your vibration or raise your frequency.

raise your vibration and enjoy life more
When your vibration is high, you will be and feel in the flow of life, feeling good!

Everyone seems to be talking about it. For example, Just today I got an email for a business podcast about, you guessed it, How to “Raise Your Vibration”. This topic seems to be going more mainstream and much more acceptable to talk about. Just a couple of years ago, if I mentioned anything about it, the reactions could be very diverse. I ran the risk of losing credibility to my clients, and was discerning about who I would talk to about it. I found I had to explain a lot of what it really meant and wasn’t just a crazy woo-woo term.

Vibration is now talked about in the science community

Science is now able to demonstrate just what this means as far as physics and the (seemingly) physical world are concerned. Everything is vibration, or vibrating, and corresponds to a frequency. There are countless videos about this on Youtube, and this video talking about Nikola Tesla sums it up pretty well, but there are so many others.

Interesting Video about Frequency

I think the idea of people sharing and teaching about how to raise your vibration is absolutely awesome, and at the same time a bit concerning. It can become just another thing someone “should be doing” and can contribute to feeling worse about themselves, not better, if they can’t seem to achieve a permanent “high-vibration”.

It’s Not a New Concept…

Raising your vibration is nothing new. Just ask anyone who grew up in the 60’s, was a hippie or had hippie parents, or was just influenced by the 60’s/hippie movement. One of my first Halloween costumes was Flower-Power, I was seriously influenced by the 60’s! This isn’t a new concept at all.

60’s Movement Was into Raising Your Vibration…

So if this isn’t new, why hasn’t it really caught on? Why does it sound so weird and woo-woo. If it’s so important (and I really think it’s THE most important thing you can do), why are we still just trying to explain what it is?

Here’s why: Just because someone is ready or wants to raise their frequency, or raise their vibration, it doesn’t mean it’s going to happen. It can, but not always.

Your Energy Field and Subconscious Mind Reflect Your Frequency

Your frequency is a representation of your overall energy field, which is governed by The Subconscious Mind. This means you can be acting with “good vibes” as much as you want or possibly can, but the old programs and subconscious garbage will keep you basically where you are, until you deal with them.

To Really Raise your Frequency, you need to “take out the inner garbage”

How do you raise your vibration? Well, You need to begin by taking out the inner mind-trash.

Inner Mind-Trash Lowers Your Vibration

Here’s an example: Just think of a time when you were feeling great, everything was wonderful, you were on a high vibe. Then, someone or something happened. And boom you came crashing down (well, your vibration did) You probably didn’t want to leave that good feeling place, but you just couldn’t help it. Whatever/whomever you interacted with brought you down. This is an example of subconscious garbage. Triggers.

Emotions, negative reactions, memories, feelings and beliefs are stored in your subconscious mind and your energy field. Over time they become trapped, hidden in the subconscious mind and just show up when you least expect it or are triggered in some way.

Ways to raise your vibration

There are many different ways to raise your vibration, but the lasting ones involve changing on the subconscious level and energetic field.

raise your vibration
raise your vibration by being out in nature

For example, a walk outside in nature can do wonders for your well being, but usually lasts for a short period of time. Once you leave and go back to your normal “environment” you will usually fall back into old familiar patterns and habits. These are the patterns stored in the subconscious mind. This is where the change needs to happen. You can use Hypnosis, Meditation, Energy Clearing and Energy Work in General, to help you clear out the subconscious mind-trash. Here’s a link to a free hypnotic meditation to help you release negative energy and raise your frequency. When you change at this subconscious or energetic level, you will raise your vibration and be able to keep it up.

When You Make The Inner Changes to Raise Your Vibration, it Affects Your Entire Reality

The changes appear in the outer world as you make the shifts in your frequency and raise your vibration
When you shift your frequency and raise your vibration, your outer world changes.

The self improvement field is all about releasing the old patterns and changing how you exist in the world. The real changes happen on the energetic and subconscious level and then become apparent on the outside. This is different than just trying to consciously be in a high vibrating state.

It’s important to intend, to use your conscious intention, to keep your energy vibration as high as possible. As you do the inner clearing work. it becomes easier and easier for you to achieve and maintain higher vibration and frequency.

Robin Yates, is a Hypno-Therapist, NLP Master Practitioner and Energy Healing Teacher. www.RobinYates.com

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Raise Your Vibration

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