Past Life Vows

Do you have past life vows or contracts holding you back? Could old vows of poverty or celibacy from previous lifetimes as a monk or a nun create limitation in this lifetime? This Energy clearing will help clear them…

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Past Life Vows

In this energy clearing session, we are going to be looking at past life vowels and past life contracts and it’s going to be interesting. So stay tuned. Hi, it’s Robin here from Vibration Elevation and today’s card is from the past life Oracle by Brian Weiss and Doreen virtue. And the card is monk or nun. And what this signifies is past life contracts, pass life vows taken that are still affecting you energetically. So this clearing is going to be to release, remove, nullify these contracts and these vows from a past life. This type of thing can affect your life.

Now in relationships or in money. For example, you know of many people have taken vows of poverty and this is not a good thing. If you want to live with financial abundance and you don’t necessarily have to know what these valuees are, what we’re going to do is we’re going to clear them and as we do this, you may get hints, you may get ideas of what we’re working on. You may just feel something in your body shift. These energy blockages are really tangible. You can feel them. They are in your field if you have them. Of course, I’m not saying everybody has them

Past Life Contracts
Do You Have Past Life Contracts

and you may think I don’t have them. And as you do the clearing, you may feel something shift, which would be in my world, a sign that you know there was something there. Again, you can’t clear too much. You’re not going to clear away something that’s not there. And it may just shift your energy in a way that

allows you to attract more abundance or attract a relationship if you have some sort of celibacy vow or whatever right there. We don’t know. There’s so many things in the past and just pay attention to how you feel. And like I said, you may get insights, you may have like little ahas of what, what you’re clearing or you may just feel it in your body. So if possible, go ahead and close your eyes. Like I said, if possible, if you’re not driving and let’s do the clearing

Clearing Chimes and Energy Clearing Session

Past Life Vows
Do you have Past Life Vows?

All right, so that was an interesting one. I felt that one when I was clearing contracts with the church. So that was, that was different. And I never know which ones I’m going to really feel and which ones I’m not. Sometimes I think I’m going to feel one and I don’t, and then I get one like this that I think I probably don’t have this and I feel it strongly, so you never know. I hope you enjoyed this and thank you. Thank you. Thank you for watching. Please subscribe. If you haven’t, go check out Robin or vibration for a free training. Okay. Thanks again and see you in the next one.


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Past Life Vows


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