What is Past Life Regression

In this Video, I will explain Past Life Regression, and how I have used it …

Past-life regression is simply the technique for going into the subconscious and unconscious mind and accessing information.

Have You Lived Before?

Have You Lived Before? This is a question many people ask themselves usually at some time or another. The answer usually depends.

While it’s not difficult to get a client to access previous memories, it’s not easy to prove they are real. It’s actually quite impossible, except for a couple of really exceptional cases where people can access details, dates and specific information that proves some connection. Well, sort-of.

For me, I like to practice Past-Lives with a Purpose. This means, I help clients accept past life information, but with the intention of clearing or releasing a problem or condition in this life.

I find that when you look for a past life connection to an experience your currently dealing with, it’s transformations. Doing the clearing work in the past usually clears the problem up in the present as well.

To experience a past life energy clearing, which is a little different that PL Regression, here are a few clearings to try:

Past Life Phobias and How to Release them

Atlantis Past Life Clearing Session

Release Past Life Vows Clearing Session

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What is Past Life Regression