Past Life in Lemuria Clearing

Do you have a past life in Lemuria? Lemuria is said to have been a place of peace, tranquility and high frequency. When you begin to adopt this goal of finding this energetic space for yourself, you will begin to create it where you currently are while being creating it in your future.

What so many people are attracted to with Lemuria and memories of this mystical continent, are the good feelings of love and peace. Lemuria is a place that is known to many of the lightworkers currently on the planet. Most of these lightworkers and people on the spiritual path have some sort of connection to either Lemuria or Atlantis. Sometimes to both. If this is something you find yourself wondering or thinking about, you are not alone.

If you’re not familiar with Lemuria, here’s a little bit about it:

Lemuria was believed to be a place that was heaven on earth. Millions of years ago, this now-lost continent was a highly spiritual and developed civilization. It is believed that cataclysmic events destroyed this entire continent, possibly a great flood. It is also believed that many of the star-seeds and current lightworkers have a connection to this magical and highly evolved place.

Some people believe that Lemuria still exists, under Mount Shasta, California.

This energy clearing session is to help you remove blocks to this ancient and peaceful energy. If you listen to this clearing a few times, with the intention of releasing old blocks to Lemuria and Lemurian energy, you can release any blocks preventing you from accessing this Lemurian energy of peace and heaven on earth.

Past Life in Lemuria Clearing

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Past Life in Lemuria Energy Clearing Session
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