Over Responsibility

Why am I responsible for everything and everyone?

This energy clearing session is to help you stop being so over-responsible, or feeling responsible for things that are not your responsibility!

Over Responsibility

In this energy clearing session, we are looking at over responsibility. Of being responsible for, things that you aren’t really responsible for. Do you ever think “How can I stop from being responsible for other people”, or “Why am I responsible for everything and everyone?”

Today’s clearing is another custom clearing. This is about over responsibility. This means taking responsibility for things that really aren’t yours to take responsibility for. The need to do this, and even feeling guilty if you don’t do this.

Patterns from Childhood

This one is pretty common. There may just be one area of your life where you are a little over-responsible, or many. This happens a lot to people that had childhoods as the oldest and needed to take responsibility. Later, those just became a pattern. There’s are also other instances where people become over-responsible. This can be, just out of programming and out of conditioning. Out of how they thought the world functions.

do you feel like you’re always the responsible one? That you’re always the one doing things for other people and helping other people out?. And they don’t necessarily do that for you. This is one that you might want to look at

Notice who Comes to Mind

Notice If a situation or a person or a family member comes to mind. A situation that you’re always looking out for them, or you’re always doing for them things. However, they don’t necessarily return the favor, or you don’t expect them to. And, and there’s no judgment, right?

But look for these, hold this, this image, this person, this situation in mind, as we do this clearing. Then check in on it and see if you still feel the same way after the clearing. All right. So here we go. Let’s do the clearing.

Clearing Session for Over Responsibility

All right. So that one’s all done. And I really wanted to do that one for myself as well. This is one of my old patterns, and it’s funny when I see clients with it. It reminds me like, oh yeah, I used to do that!

Lately I’ve been wanting to take responsibility for something that is not mine. So I just figured, you know what, let’s just do this as another custom clearing!

I hope you liked this clearing for feeling over-responsible, and feeling Why am I responsible for everything and everyone? Think about what it is. If there was a person or a situation at the beginning of this clearing, see if you still feel the same way. Notice if the energy has shifted.

So it’s really common for the energy to shift when you do a clearing. So let’s say we were clearing anger. If we cleared anger, it’s common for it to shift to something else.

Like it may just go away, but it may go from anger to irritation, you know? So it’s always good to look and notice how you feel about the situation, because it may be just a little bit different because a lot of these things go together. A lot of the emotions, the patterns are linked with other ones.

So as you notice what the other ones are, you’ll want to do a clearing on the next one. And then the one after that. In layers, these are the layers that you just keep clearing because they are intertwined.

Letting go of Being Too Responsible

All right. Well, I hope you really, really like this clearing for feeling over-responsible. Start notice is you can stop being so responsible for everything and everyone, if not, come back and do this clearing again. I hope it’s useful. Thank you. Thank you for watching or listening. And I will see you in the next one.

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