Stop Worrying About What Other People Expect

Release Other Peoples Expectations

If you still carry around other peoples expectations for you, it becomes hard to know what you really want or need for yourself. This energy clearing session is going to help you shift some of the old expectations from your field.

Energy Clearing to Let go of Conflicting Expectations

We are all used to doing things at times to please other people. Or we judge ourselves by what other people think or want, or what we think they think or want.

When you stop worrying so much about what they want and start looking at what you want for yourself, you will find freedom. This, ironically, will usually make everyone feel better. As you listen to this clearing, use your intention to let go of the expectations of others and what you think and feel they want or expect from you. There is no limit to how many times you can listen to this, and you can change the intention you hold as you do each clearing.

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Release Others Expectations from Your Energy Field
Let go of Other Peoples Expectations

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Robin Yates
Robin Yates, Energy Clearing

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Stop Worrying About What Other People Expect

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