Manifesting Puppies

You never know what’s about to happen to change up your life. I decided to spend the summer in New Mexico, working on a retreat project that I have been working on off and on for a few years now. Since the building hasn’t been completed yet, I am renting a small studio down the road. The owner has a dog, who is really sweet and calm, so when I heard a dog crying, yelping, I was concerned. I got up and looked out my window. A little white puppy was barking and crying looking up at me. This place is pretty remote and where this puppy had escaped from was a mystery.

Long story short, I went outside and there she was, along with her sister. The mother dog was high-tailing it away at top speed with a few more puppies in tow. So now what, this wasn’t part of my plan….

After a trip to  the Vet, shots, de worming, etc. “Dot” and “Buttercup” are home now, Even though I don’t know what is going to happen with this New Mexico project in the winter, and if I will be going back to California, I figure if they can just take it day by day, so can I.

Manifesting Puppies and Rainbows…

It wasn’t until a few days after they showed up, I realized something as I heard myself joking with a client about manifesting puppies and rainbows. And yes, this is a phrase I’ve used before, along with unicorns if I want to be a little more extreme with my visuals. A friend of mine has manifested a rainbow each and every day now for the past few years, without missing a day. Her intention is to manifest rainbows, as a type of personal affirmation/sign. Was it my intention by joking about puppies and unicorns and rainbows, to draw this into my reality? Most likely this was it. as what we put our attention on will expand.  Whether it’s something we want or something we don’t want or something neutral, it doesn’t matter.

I have to be a bit  more careful of manifesting more puppies, they’re so cute, have a lot of energy, and just a handful.. I will pay a bit more attention to what I’m focusing on for a while, Rainbows are a safer bet.

Robin 🙂

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