Low Vibration Clearing to Get Out of a Bad Mood

In this, get out of a low vibration energy clearing session, we are going to be working on releasing anything, keeping your frequency low so you can maintain a high frequency.

Low Vibration Clearing to Get Out of a Bad Mood

Today’s card is Selenite and Selenite is another amazing stone crystal. And it, this comes from the crystal spirits, Oracle guidebook by Colette Barron Reed. So Selenite is a very high frequency crystal and it’s again, one of my favorites. I seem to be picking only favorites and I don’t even look at the cards when I’m picking them. I pick them face down, so I’m really not cheating!

Selenite is another one of my favorites

It has very high angelic like properties and is just a really gentle, but high frequency, high powered stone. This is a stone that you can get. They’re they’re really inexpensive. You can get them, you can put them in your window sills.
You know, you can get a little Selenite stick for about $4, I think, but you can put them in your window sills. You can also put them under your pillow. You can put them around your bed and the four corners of your bed.

It’s just a really easy high frequency stone. And that along with the intention of keeping your F see high is going to really, really help you. Because when, when our frequencies are, are like naturally high, like we’re in a really good place, it’s easy, right? But when our, our frequency or our calibration falls, when we are in a low vibration, that’s where we have to do the work. So Senite can be a reminder.

If You have a Selenite piece, or you can imagine a piece of white Selenite in your hand. Use your intention of letting go of the negative frequencies, the lower emotions, the lower beliefs, whatever it is, that’s holding your of frequency low.Whether you were triggered or whether you had an old pattern or somebody in your family or in your life, or, you know, whatever the situation is, hold that in mind and use your intention to release it.

I choose to let this go…

Just say, I, I let this go. I no longer need this. Your intention, the Selenite, plus the clearing session and you will be able to do it. So this clearings is going to be a little generic. It’s going to be letting go of the energy, keeping your frequency low.

So I want this clearing to be something you can come back to. So if your frequency falls a little bit, this will be one to come back to, and listen again.

We’re going to clear the energy in your field that is keeping your vibration or your frequency lower than normal.

So for now, if you know that you have a lower frequency right now, and you want to release that, keep that in mind. If you don’t, or you can just listen. You don’t have to have anything in mind. Just listen. If you want to close your eyes, if you’re not driving or whatever, that’s fine, you don’t have to help. All you have to do is see what happens.

Energy Clearing to Get Out of a Bad Mood…

Okay. So that’s all done. Now this clearing you can come back to. When you find yourself in a wonky place, you know, where if you’re just feeling off, this would be a good one because it’s just general to raise your frequency and clear whatever is stopping your frequency to be an at its normal place.

Because one thing that happens when you do get to a point where your frequency is pretty high, is if it falls to a low vibration, it feels like the end of the world. You know? So if you’re used to being in a really good spot and then all of a sudden you get triggered or something happens, it feels awful. So it’s not like you fell that much, but you just get used to being at a good place, which is, you know, it’s awesome. Right? So this will be clearing. You can come back to, so I hope this is helpful. I hope you enjoyed it.

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Photo Credit: https://unsplash.com/@sxth