Emotional Groundhog Day

Emotional Groundhog Day Have you ever seen Groundhog Day? I was thinking about this movie this morning and how it is a reality for so many of my clients. Not the actual day being repeated over and over, but the same type of interactions and emotional patterns that just seem to repeat.

Same event with different people or a different setting.

Often, we continue to create the same events over and over and over. This emotional groundhog day can be relationships, jobs, friendships, relationship to money (or lack of money) just about anything. The idea is that when there is an energetic pattern from the past, the present will continue to be influenced, not matter what you seem to do to improve it. It’s like working on the surface, the symptoms, when you need to get to the root, the cause.

This isn’t always as painful as we saw in the movie “Groundhog Day”, where it took many many days to “get it”.

You can change emotional patterns and defaults in NO TIME. In fact, when you work “outside of time”, you can make really great and powerful shifts is seconds…

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Emotional Groundhog Day