If You Attract Narcissists, Try This.

Do you attract narcissists? Or, do you sometimes feel like you have narcissistic tendencies yourself? Then this energy clearing may really shift things for you.

The personality traits that attract a narcissist are often subconscious and energetic in nature. When you shift these patterns in yourself, you will no longer be attractive to the same type of person. Why is this? People are attracted or repelled at an energetic level. A narcissist is looking for a specific energy pattern (subconsciously). If your energy tends to attract narcissists, then you need to shift your own patterns.

Clear the patterns that attract narcissists

If you attract narcissistic people into your reality, you may want to watch this video a few times.

If you attract narcissists, you probably have a matching energy pattern

Your energy is something you can change. These narcissist-attracting patterns are usually completely out of your conscious mind, and so act on their own. This is until you decide to shift your energy patterns yourself. Your intention and doing the actual clearing and subconscious work can completely rewire your energetic patterns. When you take control, like this, you empower yourself.

When you do this clearing, be sure to think of a trait or an experience that you’d like to clear or remove from your energy field. You can do this clearing with different traits every time. And each time you do the clearing, you will clear a little more. There’s no limit to how much you can clear, and you can’t over do it. When you feel like you’ve cleared some of these energy patterns, take a break.

Drink Water. This will help you move the energy out of your field

Energy clearing is real. You are really shifting things. Take it slow at first and work your way up.

Please post your experience with the clearing and if you have a specific narcissistic characteristic you’d like to change in yourself – or no longer attract from those around you.

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If You Attract Narcissists, Try This.


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