Harmony in Relationships

In this energy clearing session, we are looking at harmony and creating peace and harmony in personal relationships. 

Rhodonite from the Crystal Spirits Oracle

Essential Meaning of Rhodonite

Today’s clearing is all about harmony in relationships. This card is from the Crystal Spirits, Oracle and the card I picked was Rhodonite.I hope I said that right! Here’s what it says.

The essential meaning of Rhodonite is harmony in relationships. Connecting easily with others, generosity, reciprocity, discovering hidden talents to share with others. It looks like it’s a pretty nice balancing clearing.

So we’re going to look for or anything that is blocking this harmony. Look for anything preventing this harmony. This is usually is not so much in the relationship as it is within you, inside you in your energy field.

What’s in Your Energy Field…

We’re looking at past relationships. Let’s see old beliefs and programming, all that stuff in your field. When you clear this, it is going to help balance out your relationships. And, we’ll also do a little general clearing around relationships in general. We will clear any blocks, if there are any.

We always want to start with ourselves. look for where our energy is being blocked. Look at the relationship or the troubles or problems in our life to show us where we have stuff that we need to clear.

Ask Yourself, Is there Harmony?

And as we clear, that we’ll see the relationships and the events in our life clear up as well.

So as you go through the day and you interact with people, whether relationships or relationships at work or friends ask yourself, is there harmony? And if there is not, see if you can figure out or notice what it feels like.

Where do you have it in your body. Notice where any sort of lack of harmony or Relationship Stress resides, or what it feels like. Then come back and listen to this again with that in mind.

Harmony in Relationships

photo Credit: https://unsplash.com/@louishansel

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