Get Out of Your Head and Ground

In this get out of your head, energy clearing session, we are going to be looking at how to get out of your head and stay grounded in your body.

Energy Crystal Orange Sapphire

Today’s card is orange Sapphire. This crystal is all about getting out of your head and staying present in your body. So let me read what it says. It says just as healing, crystals are of the earth, yet separate from it. We are part of Gaia and the same water minerals and crystals are found within us, as well as within the earth. Sometimes we can feel completely in our heads and out of touch with our bodies, but orange Sapphire spirit is here to remind us that our bodies will serve us throughout our lifetime.

This one actually rings pretty true for me because I do tend to be in my head at times. And it’s not a, you know, a really healthy thing to do, spend all your time in your head. It’s important when you have to make it this decision. Sometimes, you really do need to use your mind to do things!

Balance of Body and Mind is the Goal

A balance of being grounded in the body, and being able to use your mind, is the ultimate.

We want to clear any blocks, keeping you in your head, you know, mental (for lack of a better word -and that’s what I do stay in my head). and land that energy, bring it down more into the body. As we land the energy, as we bring the energy down into the body, you’re going to feel more grounded.

So we really want to be expanded, head in the clouds feet on the ground, that balance. This clearing is for you if you spend a lot of time in your head or a lot of time kind of distant from your body. This will help bring you down into the physical, which is good, it will help ground you.

it will help you feel like you are balanced.

All right, so let’s do the clearing. You don’t have to help me. All you have to do is sit close your eyes, if you can. Just, listen and see what happens

Get Out of Your Head and Ground

Clearing Session

Okay, so that’s all done. You know, one of the ways to get in your body and to stay in your body more, is every once in a while, focus on your hands. Put your attention on your hands, and just feel the energy in your hands. And that alone will bring you more into your body because energy goes where attention flows. And so, as you put your attention on your hands, your energy will go to your hands, which will bring you into your body. So that’s just one little trick.

Energy Flows where Attention Goes

If you were to pay attention to your nose. I mean, it doesn’t really matter. As long as you put your attention, focused attention, into a part of your body that will bring you into the body, which will help balance you.

Okay. So I hope you enjoyed this!

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