Get More Adventure

This clearing session is to help you let go of the fears associated with trying new things and the fear of the unknown. Bring more fun and adventure into your reality as you do this and find more things to experience.

When we stop having fun and start living from a place of fear or limitation, it becomes easier and easier to stop experiencing new things. It just becomes safer feeling. This, however isn’t the recipe for a fun or fulfilling life.

You may want to begin by looking at the way or ways you may be limiting yourself by trying to play it safe.

As you listen to this clearing, think of these, one at a time (one per clearing) and allow them to be released from your energy field. If you think of things you used to want to do, or things that you’d like to do “someday”, ask yourself what’s stopping you from the adventure.

You may want to listen to the Fear of Change Clearing or the Fear of Losing Control Clearing Session as well, to help release associated fears.

There’s no limit to the amount of things you can clear and you truly can’t clear too much.

Get More Adventure

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