Frenetic Energy – Slow Down and Enjoy Peace

In this clearing session for frenetic energy, we are looking at slowing down and restoring balance and serenity.

Hi, it’s Robin from Vibration Elevation and today’s clearing is going to be all about slowing down, taking it easy and, just really restoring balance, balance, peace serenity into your life.

Now, if you have a situation or you have something going on in your life, or a person that is causing you not to feel this way, think about it as we do the clearing. If you don’t, you can just relax and see what happens. We are just looking at clearing anything that’s blocking you from being able to take it easy, from going fast, from moving fast from being, (the word I like the word that’s coming to me is) frenetic.

Clear the Frenetic Energy

We’re going to clear that frenetic energy so you can slow down and chill out. It seems like everything is happening so fast lately that it’s so easy to get caught up in it. And what we are going to do is we’re just going to clear are the patterns and the habits that keep you going, going, going, going, and clearing that frenetic energy, driving them.

Slow Down and Relax

All right. So you can just relax, sit back and listen to the clearing. You do not have to do anything, you can be driving. You could be working, and can be doing anything as these clearings happen. They are not hypnosis. So you can be doing anything. It doesn’t matter. All right. So here we go. Let’s do the clearing.

Clearing Session – You won’t hear my voice, only the chimes in the audio.

All right, so we’re not quite done. We’re going to do a little bit more clearing, but go ahead and take a nice deep breath in And on the exhale let go of any tension, and any frenetic energy And now, taking another breath, on this exhale release where you hold that energy in your body. As you blow out, as you exhale, as you let go of the stress, the tension and this frenetic energy, just notice if you can tell where it is in your body. Focus on this in this next part of the clearing. Okay. So go ahead and keep breathing like that. Letting go of the tension, noticing where it is, but noticing where this frenetic energy is, right.

Frenetic Energy – Slow Down and Enjoy Peace


All right, so that’s all done. Now. Notice as you breathe, do you still feel that frenetic energy? And if so, go back and clear again with the intention of letting go of the, this energy to experience peace and serenity, calm, whatever it is you’re looking for to slow down. All right. So I hope you enjoyed this. I’ve got a class coming up. A brand new class is starting. I’ll put the link in the description.

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