Focus and Let go of Distractions

Spirit Animal Hawk and Focus

If you find you’ve been distracted lately, the spirit animal Hawk can help you. When you call on the energy of Hawk. you can tap into it’s power of focus and leave distractions behind. In this clearing session, let go of distractions, we are clearing anything that keeps you distracted.

Energy Clearing to Focus and Let go of Distractions

What you focus on increases, and when you are distracted you just don’t focus on any one thing long enough to gain enough momentum to attract what you are intending.

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Focus and Let go of Distractions

The law of attraction is powerful. Simply stated, what you focus on you attract. Not this can be negative things or positive. If you’re focusing on the negative things going on around you or in the world, they will become more prominent. And if you focus on the positive, the same thing happens, you will begin to notice more and more positive events and situations.

When you focus on something that you want, without losing that focus and scattering your energy, it will tend to manifest much faster.

Spirit Animal Hawk
Energy Clearing Session for Focus

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Focus and Let go of Distractions

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