Fear of Leaving

Today’s energy clearing is about fear of leaving. Fear of letting go and moving on.

This can be related to leaving a place, a home, a situation or a person, or any number of things. It’s to tackle the fear that’s behind the leaving.

Many negative feelings and emotions can be broken down in to fears. The fear of leaving a person or a situation is just one example. Other fears to release and clear, watch Clear the Fears Around Current Events and Clear the Fear of Endings.

These energy clearing session will help you tackle the fear of leaving and fear in general, along with others. This is in part because fears tend to go together.

As you release old fears, other ones may show up. When you know that this can happen, just continue clearing. You can bookmark this page or go to the posts page and do a search for specific keywords.

Fear of Leaving

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Let go of Fear

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