Fear of Change

This energy clearing session is all about letting go of the fear of change so that you can relax.

Fear of Change Energy Clearing Session Transcript

Energy Clearing
Fear of Change

In this clearing, we’re looking at change, which is really funny because change has been the name of the game in the last couple of weeks. So this is going to be a good one. Stay tuned. Hi, it’s Robin from vibration elevation and today’s card is from magical mermaids and dolphins deck.

So I, I drew a card from that deck and this is what it says. It’s kind of funny because just with everything going on with all this, you know, Corona stuff and everything, that I got this card. So it says a blessing change and what it says underneath is a major life change brings you great blessings. So I think that’s just kind of funny, you know, with all of this happening and so many changes happening and you hear all these people talking about it and quite honestly, it’s not likely that things are going to go back to the way they were.
And while that could sound sort of scary at the same time, there was a lot of stuff messed up. So this really could end up being a really blessing in disguise. And, in, in reality there is no such thing as all good or all bad. It’s all a balance. So there were some negative things that happened and I’m sure there’s, you know, going to be negative things in the future, but they are, they are balanced with other very positive things.

Let go of Fear
Energy Clearing for Fear of Change

So this clearing today I’m going to say is going to help balance out the changes that have been going on and our perceptions of these changes. So what we’re going to do is let’s clear the resistance to change the fear of change and what change means. So it becomes possible to look at all of this change happening as quite possibly a very good thing or a positive thing because it really can’t be all negative, right So let’s clear the resistance and the fear around change. So as I do this, why don’t you think of what change means to you as it relates to the Corona virus or just in general I mean, you could be watching this way after this whole thing passes, you know, and it’s gone and, and it may not even make sense to you later. At a later date. But for those of you watching as I upload this

in may, you know, of 2020 that’s what’s going on. But so think of whatever comes to your mind as far as change and what it feels like to you.

Energy Clearing Session

Fear of Change
Are you afraid of change?

Okay, so that’s done.

Hopefully this shifts something for you related to change and you know, the re the reaction to it, the perception of it and we’ll actually make change a lot easier and more pleasant. So I hope you enjoyed this. Thank you for watching or listening. If you want to learn how I do energy work or how you can clear energy, go to vibrationelevation.com or to Robinyates.com and there’s a free energy training there. Okay. So thanks again and I will see you in the next one.


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Fear of Change

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