Father and Divine Masculine

Father Energy Clearing Session and Clearing for Energy Blocks around the Divine Masculine Energy…

This video, Divine Masculine Energy Clearing Session is going to help release energy blockages for you. Almost everyone has some sort of energy blocks related to father energy. Even if you had an outstanding father growing up, you may have other energies in your field from past events, that you may not even consciously remember. Watch this one and feel what happens in your energy and physical body.

Energy clearing removes the stuck and stagnant energy in the human energy field, which can eventually be manifested in the body. You can feel this energy as it releases from your energy body. As you do this clearing (or any of the clearing) be still and notice how your physical body feels. Notice any sensation. I focus on my hands and can feel when an energy shifts or leaves me field as it goes. This takes just a little practice.

Father Energy Clearing -- Divine Masculine
Divine Masculine Energy Clearing Session

Robin has been helping her clients with hypnosis and energy clearing for 15 years. To learn more or to schedule time with Robin please follow this link: www.RobinYates.com/about/

Father and Divine Masculine

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