How to Clear Negative Energy and Blockages

Learn the secrets that hold so many people back and stuck in the past. It's all energy.....Robin

Video Lessons in this 4 part Series (sign in for access)

  • Video 1, What is Energy Healing

    In this Video, I talk about the basics of energy clearing and what that means.

  • Video 2, What are Energy Blockages

    In this video, we talk about how we create and recreate our reality and how blockages keep the same situations repeating.

  • Video 3, Frequency

    In this video, we talk about how blockages affect different chakras, and how clearing will raise your frequency and change your life experience.

  • Video 4, Clearing and More Training

    In this video, we talk about how you can incorporate this into your life, for your family or children or if you are a coach or practitioner, use this with your clients for outstanding results.