Judgement Clearing Session

Today’s Card is Pelican. This animal spirit is helping us with letting go of judgement in this clearing session.

In This video, Energy Clearing for Judgement, we are going to be letting go of old stuck energy patterns.. This is a big clearing and judgement is about the best thing you can look for and clear in order to raise your vibration.

Energy clearing is the fastest and most profound way to experience the life you want and enjoy. When you clear at this deep level, you automatically raise your vibration. The more you clear, the happier, be more in line with the universe and access your spiritual gifts.

The judgement can also be entwined with other emotions and beliefs. This clearing session will help you clear both Blame and Judgement.

After clearing judgement, give a listen to the energy clearing session to raise your vibration to joy, which should have you feeling fantastic!

These sessions can be listened to as many times as needed, you really can’t clear too much.


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Judgement Clearing Session