Energy Clearing For Duality (Energy Clearing Video)

Do you find yourself torn between opposites? The world of duality, Male-female, happy-sad, good-bad, right-wrong, is becoming increasingly difficult for many people. This energy clearing session is designed to clear some of the energy behind this duality.

Energy Clearing for Past Lives as Males and as Females and duality.
Past Life Duality

Past life energy clearing for lifetimes as females and lifetimes as males and duality in general.

If you are surrounded by duality, as we are in this 3d world, you may like to clear some of the energy blockages that may go along with this. As you have had past lives, most likely many many of them as males and others as females, this energy can still be present in your field. Clear it and this will let you experience this life more clearly and with less conflict.

To learn more about energy clearing and how to do this for yourself, check out Energy 101 a free video series.