Emotions, Beliefs and Energy. What’s the connection?

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Is there a connection between Beliefs, energy and emotion? Intuitively you may think “of course” but why? What is it and what does this matter, anyway?

In a nutshell, thoughts, beliefs and emotions are made from energy. They are energy, set into motion in time and space. So if you break them down into their smallest components, they are technically just energy. This is great news because if they are just energy, you can change their energetic make up, their configuration or structure, and shift what they were into something different or de -manifest them.

As they are energy manifestations that are simply expressions of energy that were created or picked up in life situations or events along the way, it’s quite possible that they are in opposition to who we are and may not have been our in the first place.

We have been exposed to energy our entire lives, from before our birth even, in the womb, or from past incarnations.

What we think of as our beliefs or emotions, quite often aren’t even from us, but from childhood, energy picked up from a family member, a parent, teacher, caregiver, television character even. What we think of as our “baggage” many actually not be ours, but belong to someone else. As children, we pick up on energy easily and this becomes stored in your subconscious mind.

Energy is real and almost everyone has had experiences of walking into a crowded mall or a part, or a place that didn’t feel comfortable and may have felt “off” for some time after that. Sometimes just an hour or two and we feel back to normal, but I remember times when I felt off for days.

Well, the old energies, emotions, beliefs and life patterns I’m talking about are similar, but may have taken longer to establish. For example, money patterns and beliefs, usually form over time and depend greatly on the beliefs held in the family or society where we grow up.

So enough about what these are. how do you change and/or eliminate them? A good energy healer can help you shift them into more productive and positive emotions and beliefs that will propel you forward. Going to the root of the energetic makeup and changing the actual energetic pattern at it’s foundation makes for fast and permanent change.

To begin with, just start to notice what beliefs may be lurking deep in your mind. Notice who around you may have the same patterns and beliefs and where you could have taken that belief or energetic pattern on. Once you identify one, you are on the right path and will find it much easier to let it go and move forward, almost as if bringing it out of the subconscious to the conscious mind starts the clearing and healing.

Robin 🙂

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