Do You Trust Spirit?

In this clearing session we are going to remove the blocks that stop you so you can begin to trust your higher self and spirit.

Do You Trust Spirit Transcript:

In this energy clearing, we’re looking at trust and specifically trusting spirit, trusting your higher self. So stay tuned.

Energy Clearing Session for Trusting Spirit

Hi, it’s Robin from Vibration Elevation. And today’s clearing is about removing the blockages and removing the negative energies or doubts related to trusting your higher self, trusting spirit. And you know, so many people wonder if they’re making up when they’re talking to spirit. If they’re in, if they’re embellishing, if they are actually connected to spirit. You’re connected, you have the potential to be connected to spirit at all times. I mean not only the potential you are connected to spirit at all times. It’s a connection on the subconscious level, on the energetic level.
You can’t be not connected to your higher self. There can be blockages keeping you from recognizing this or from using it or from consciously accepting it. And that’s what we’ll be working on. But your connection to spirit is there, and the more you pay attention to it and the more you tell spirit or tell your higher self or your subconscious mind, whatever it is, tell it that yes, it’s important information and you pay attention to it. And the more you listen to it, the more information you’re going to get.

Energy Clearing Session
Do You Trust Spirit?

So this clearing is going to help you remove blockages that keep you from accessing spirit or, or how would I say, keep you from realizing your connection. So let’s do the clearing.

Energy Clearing

Okay, so that is all done. This one you may want to listen to a couple of times and notice how things shift for you. Notice the subtle, like I call them hits. Notice the subtle hits you get if you’re driving and you get the urge to go someplace that you don’t normally go. Like it could be the park, it could be a store Walmart right now and all this cov stuff. But if, if you get a hit to go somewhere, do it and see what happens. Maybe there’s somebody that you were supposed to meet or maybe spirit. Your higher self is guiding you to, you know, I don’t know. There’s so many options. There’s, it’s unlimited, the amount of options.

Blocks to Spirit
Do You Trust Spirit and Your Higher Self

But when you start listening to those small, subtle intuitions, the salt, the small, subtle, promptings to go or do or say specific things, you’ll begin to get more and more of them and that’s beginning to trust your higher self. Anyhow, I hope you enjoyed this and I hope it was useful. Thank you so much for watching and listening. And if you haven’t hit subscribe, please do. And I will see you in the next one.


Allow yourself to spend time on you. This clearing Do You Trust Spirit will help free up your time so you can access your higher senses.

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Do You Trust Spirit?

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