Do You Need More Options?

In this energy clearing session, we are looking at clearing out anything that gets in the way of you knowing you have options. Whether these are fears, doubts, beliefs or programming, we are going to do some clearing around this.

More Options, Energy Clearing Session

You have Options, Energy Clearing will Help find them

Energy Clearing for More Opportunity

When you can’t seem to move forward, or feel stuck, often there is something blocking your path. This can be shifted energetically. We pick up energy daily and throughout our lifetime. Depending on your beliefs about past lifetimes or previous incarnations, it could be possible to start this lifetime with some less than positive memories.

When doing energy clearing work, we are looking for the energy blocks and limitation (stuck energy) holding old beliefs, emotions or memories in place.

These blockages can be broken down and broken apart and then removed from your field. When you have a block, for example on seeing the opportunities in front of you, it’s easy to feel stuck. When you shift this energy pattern at it’s core, you will often notice an immediate shift in your reality.


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Do You Need More Options?

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