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This create your dream energy clearing session is to help you unblock anything stopping you from realizing what it is you want to create. Manifest. You are the creator…

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Create Your Dream Transcript:

In this energy clearing session, we are looking at whatever is keeping us from realizing that we are the ones creating our reality. So stay tuned.

You Are The Dreamer
The Dreamer

Hi, it’s Robin from vibration elevation. And today’s card is from the universe, has your back Oracle card deck and it says, I am the dreamer of my dream. And what this means to me is, you know, it’s easy to think that things are happening to us and things are happening around us and that it’s not our fault. But in reality it really isn’t your fault, but it’s not our fault. But we have an
active role in what we have in our reality. So what is happening around us and what we are focusing on is being filtered to us.

So let me explain the subconscious mind. Part of its job is to filter out information. There are so many millions of bits of information happening around you at any moment that if you were to know everything or to be aware of everything that was happening, it would, it’s just simply unfathomable. So what your subconscious mind does is, it filters for you. It knows what you’re interested in, what you would like to know, what you are an energetic match for. And it shows it to you. It shows that information from a sea of information. You know, the analogy I can use is if you’ve ever bought a new car or got a something that you had thought about and you, you finally went and you acquired it, and then all of a sudden you start to notice that new car everywhere, you know, so it started by something completely new that you hadn’t really been aware of. And then once you became aware of it, you started to see it everywhere.

That’s what your subconscious mind does. It’s not like that car wasn’t around and whether it was a specific color, specific model, whatever, it’s that you were unaware of it because your subconscious mind was basically filtering it out. And then when it realized, okay, this is it, this is important for this person. it starts to, to show it to you, include that information.

Clear the Energy Blockages
Energy Clearing Session

And this also happens on a frequency level. So the things that we attract into our reality are things that we are a frequency match for. And when you realize that you can start filtering out the things that you don’t want to have in your reality by not paying attention to them, not giving them energy and becoming a frequency match for other things, you’ll begin to realize really quickly that you really do influence your, your reality. Or as this card says, your dream that you are the dreamer of your dream.

So this energy clearing is going to help you clear the blockages that make you feel like your, not that it’s going to help you get to the realization that you really are the dreamer of your dream. So just go ahead and close your eyes if you’re not driving or doing anything dangerous and just feel in your body what happens as we do this clearing.

Create Your Dream Clearing Chimes

Okay, so that is clear. Now what you can do is start to realize where you’re putting your attention, what you’re thinking about, what you’re focusing on. And as you stop focusing on things that you really don’t like, begin to focus on the things that you really do like, you will begin to bring more of those into your life simply because, you know, they might already be there, but the conscious, excuse me, the subconscious mind is filtering them out.

So you want to really be careful, but you really want to consciously tell your subconscious mind what’s important. And, let it to in a let it and let it come to you and make an upwards and allow it to come to you. Okay, So I hope you enjoyed this. You can always find me at or there’s a free training to learn how to clear energy. And I hope you’re well and thanks again for watching. And I’ll see you in the next one.


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Create Your Dream

Create Your Dream I am the Dreamer

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