Connect With Infinite Potential

Connect With Infinite Potential

Find a New Renewed Sense of Purpose

In this energy clearing session, Find a New Sense of Purpose as You Connect With Infinite Potential Clearing Session, we are going to be clearing anything keeping you from raising your frequency so you can connect with your infinite potential.

Aqua Aura Quartz and Infinite Potential

And this card is a really high frequency stone. Aqua aura quartz is a very high vibration if you will stone. And it’s all about reaching infinite potential and really connecting to your purpose here in this life, reconnecting to your purpose here.

So how do you do this? Well, first of all, we’re gonna clear the blocks stopping you from connecting. The blocks preventing you from feeling like you’re able to connect. That’s gonna help allow you to put your intention on connecting and staying connected.

The Most Important Thing is to Keep your Frequency High

So right now, with everything that’s going on, and with all the changes in the world, the most important thing, really, the only thing we are here to, to do is to keep our frequencies high. It’s important to let go of all the gunk that has held us down for, not just years or decades or this life, but lifetimes or, or even hundreds of lifetimes.

We want to find all of the gunk, all of the beliefs, all the fears, and basically anything. Find the old traumas that are keeping your frequency down, and clear them. That alone is going to help you reach infinite potential. This is because you are always connected to in infinite potential.

First, Clear the Blocks

It is really just the old stuff, the old mental gunk that prevents you from reaching there. So we have that number one, is to clear the blocks.

Second is your intention, your intention of even wanting to, of reaching your potential, and follow with what you’re here to do. Find a renewed sense in your purpose. Both of those are going to be easy and happen when you let go of the mental blocks (gunk) and raise your frequency.

So as you keep your frequency high, you’ll be in the energy field of, of infinite potential. So really in a roundabout way, what I’m saying is to reach infinite potential and to renew your sense of purpose here, you raise your frequency.

Let’s clear the blocks now around anything preventing you from raising your frequency or connecting to your infinite potential and from renewing your sense of purpose. All right, let’s see what happens. You don’t have to help me or have your eyes opened or closed. It makes no difference. Just listen.

Use Your Intention to Let Go of Old Energy

You’re gonna hear the chimes, not my voice, which means I’m doing energy clearing work behind the scenes. And you’ll hear these chimes at the beginning of this video. And also at the end, because I set the video up with a little clearing and I end it with a clearing so that you can easily integrate what we just cleared. Okay. So here we go.

Clearing to Connect with Your Infinite Potential

This is another one that you may wanna come back and listen to over and over again. Because it’s just very general to connect to infinite potential. To raise your frequency, and find your sense of purpose. There is a new energy clearing class starting soon, and I’m going to be leaving the link in the description. So if you wanna learn how to do this for yourself and be able to just clear through whatever blocks come up specifically and do this for other people, how to do a full clearing for somebody, just click the link below, to learn more.

LINK to upcoming class: https://www.vibrationelevationlcom/quantum

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Connect With Infinite Potential