The Clearing Chimes

What are the clearing chimes in the videos and audio sessions? They are simply wind chimes, that have been embedded with the energy commands that I use together with the healing codes.

The First set of chimes, is to prepare the energy field for what we are about to clear. To get ready. To set the intention

The middle set of chimes is the actual energy clearing that we are talking about. We are clearing across all time, space, dimensions, realities, lifetimes, generations and timelines!

The Chimes Behind the Clearings

The last set of chimes, at the end of the video, will help the person getting the clearing to integrate it. Sometimes energy work can be hard to adjust to, and this last set of chimes is to help make it easier.

When getting a clearing, it’s important to drink a lot of water. It’s also essential to know that this is a real and physical clearing. It’s not that unusual to experience physical sensations or feel very tired. Or, you may feel like you received a surge of energy. This depends on what you are clearing. If you watch or listen to the clearing, you may feel absolutely nothing during some of them and have strong reactions to others. This is completely normal!

It’s perfectly fine to do some of these clearings more than once. You can’t clear too much. If you feel or suspect that you might still have blocked energy after a clearing, do that one again. If you don’t, it won’t make a difference or be detrimental in any way if you repeat it.


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The Clearing Chimes