Clear the Fear Around Current Events

How to Clear the Fear Around Current Events.

In this Energy Clearing Session, we are going to let go of some of the media programming and negative energy. This is going to center around what’s happening in the world these days. You may want to listen to this a few times.

You can definitely clear fear, even though it can be overwhelming at times. Fears can stop you from living your life. This clearing session can help you release the fear. You can also get help from someone who can help you find and move through these.

If you find that you don’t know where to begin or you’re just stuck, there iare many things you can do. Sometimes you just need a little help from a therapist, friend, healer, or someone you trust. To begin with, they can help you to work through the energy.

You can also begin to listen to your inner dialog, and become more aware of how you talk to yourself. Here’s a good clearing on Self Talk.

To clear the fear around specific situations, it’s a good idea to do general clearings. For instance, a good one is this energy clearing session to Raise your Vibration.

In conclusion, many fears tend to go together. To clear other fears, try these: Fear of Leaving and Fear of Losing Control

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Clear the Fear Around Current Events



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